Data Use

Web design

To use the key visuals and logos on your website, please download images in .gif and .jpg format. For images on the internet you can use .pdf screen, 72 ppi is the ideal resolution. For prints please use .pdf-x format. These files are in a large format. If you wish to reduce the image, calculate the size using a photo-editing suite (e.g. Microsoft Photo Editor) for the size that you require on your website. This will save you time and your customers will be pleased with the quick downloading time.


For presentations on screen (e.g. using Powerpoint) you can use .pdf screen, pdf-x, .gif and .jpg format documents. For overhead film and slides please use high-resolution .eps format

Fax Use

For faxes to your clients, use the pre-designed fax invitations. All you need to do is enter your address, hall and stand numbers and then you can send your faxes. You can also alter the text to suit your requirements, if you wish to do so. For Microsoft Word please use the .doc format. For other uses, load as .txt format. Please also note that the Tendence logo is not placed into the text version. This can be found under the heading of Logo.


To print using a printer for up to 600 dpi, a .gif or a .jpg will suffice. For data that is to be used by a professional printer, download the .eps-files or even better the .pdf-x-files. The key visuals are displayed as A4 format and as pixel-eps and are saved at 200 ppi (allows for output of up to 3600 dpi). The logos and floor plans are saved as vector files and therefore can be enlarged or reduced without data loss.