Data Format

Data in .eps format

To print on a standard printer or professionally, you will need high-resolution images. For this purpose, we have all the data available in eps- and pdf-x-format. The key visuals are in A4 format and saved as Pixel-eps or pdf-x at 300 ppi. The logos and hall plans are saved as vector files and therefore can be enlarged or reduced without data loss. We have compressed these files, they are available as .zip. Please take the opportunity to use these files; so as to reduce downloading times.

Data in the .pdf format

Abbreviation for Portable Document Format; data format developed by Adobe for storing and exchanging electronical data. The .pdf format is a universal data format adhering to fonts, formats, colors and graphics of the original document irrespective of application and platform used for its provision. Our .pdf data are provided at 150 dpi. .pdf data inspection requires special software e.g. the Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free of charge at

Data in .wmf format

Windows Metafile is a graphics format developed by Microsoft. WMF files are vector files and can therefore easily be scaled. They are mainly used in Office programs and are especially suited for printing and creating PDFs with Office: irrespective of settings used for creating PDFs in Acrobat, WMF files are always displayed clearly and reproduced in a sharp print.

Data in .gif format

The specifics of gif format files are as follows:
Can reproduce up to 255 colours
Can store data without data loss
Can store data as duotone

These qualities allow logos and hall plans to be stored using less memory. For the key visuals, it is however recommended that .jpg format is used.

To download, click on gif and after the loading, press the right mouse key and select "save image as".

Data in .jpg format

Data in .jpg format
The particulars about the jpg format is:
It can reproduce millions of colours
It allows for high compression of data (disadvantage = data loss)

These properties allow for the key visuals to be stored using less memory. For logos and hall plans, it is advisable to use .gif format files.

To download, select .gif and once loaded, click on the right mouse key and select "save image as".

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